The Zoh-gaeru Family (ZO-U-GA-E-RU) are a family of Tong-Nou creatures. Their names are Zoh-gaera, Zoh-gaere, Zoh-gaeri, and Zoh-gaero.

They guard dead ends in the forest in Ming-ken. As Tou, the player must find all of them and get their names to enter into the computer room Thi-eng in the Fire-tower Tong-tah in Shi-chieng.
Zohgaeru sprites

Sprites of Zoh-gaere (green), Zoh-gaera (red), Zoh-gaero (yellow), and Zoh-gaeri (purple).

Quotes Edit

Zoh-gaera Edit

"Please, don't bother me."

"My name is Zoh-gaera (ZO-U-GA-E-RA). I want to be queen of the Zoh-gaeru family."

Zoh-gaere Edit

"Yes, I'm very sorry but you cannot pass through here."

"Hey, my name is Zoh-gaere (ZO-U-GA-E-RE)! The Zoh-gaeru family lives day to day."

Zoh-gaeri Edit

"Hey, it's a dead end."

"Good day. My name is Zoh-gaeri (ZO-U-GA-E-RI). Yes it is. Our Zoh-gaeru Family will conquer the world. Maybe?"

Zoh-gaero Edit

"Go away. I'm busy jumping."

"My name is Zoh-gaero (ZO-U-GA-E-RO). I'm gonna fight as a soldier for the Zoh-gaeru Family."