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Yui-wang (Yui-wang text.png YU-I-WA-N), the Land of Desire, is one of the five major countries on the island Tong-Nou. It is represented by the element Metal. It can be accessed by entering Tong-Nou's left ear and clicking the top node in the tunnel.


Yui-wang is a short hallway made out of gold. Along the sides of the hallway are various statues that lead to certain rooms or places. One of these leads to Tong-nou, another leads to Hou-ang, the Phantom Marketplace. At the very end of the hallway is a large image of Tou-gyou, and on an altar below lies King-gyou, the king of Yui-wang. King-gyou can be woken with a Golden Flower, and then Luo-shang, the Helix Palace, can be entered through his hand.

Luo-shang, the Helix Palace

Luo-shang (RO-SHI-YA-N), as its nickname, the Helix Palace, implies, is a spiral-shaped corridor with various rooms along it. There is Tong-shi, the Room of Greed; Chi-fang, the Room of Appetite; Pu-ryao, the Room of Immortality; Show-mi, the Room of Sexual Desire; a room with pillars that can be knocked down; and at the very end, a balcony with the Metal Magatama.



Map of Yui-wang.PNG