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Tou (TO-U) is a Tong-Nou creature. Tou is one of the possible incarnations of Rin.

Tou is born with a Wood Disc.


Tou is a green, vaguely humanoid being consisting of a ring-shaped body with Tou's head and appendages extending from it. Tou has two arms, with five long, thin fingers each, supposedly to serve him in the use of mechanical apparatus. He has two small legs extending from the lower part of his body, and a head extending from the right side attached to a long, winding neck. He has five stalks of yellow hair on top of his head and wears accurate eyeglasses.


Tou in Karacters

Tou's goal as a playable character is to register the life of him and the Zoh-gaeru family. Tou must talk to the Zoh-gaerus in the forest to find out their names, and then go to the Fire-tower of Time Tong-tah in Shi-chieng to register their names and his own names to get the Registration Card to return to Moku-gyou, the king of Ming-ken.

Name origin[]

Tou's name is the third syllable of the Kuji (九字), a series of nine syllables. Each syllable has its own symbol, mudra (hand sign), mantra (utterance/prayer) and mandala (visualization). The syllables in order are Rin (臨), Pyō (兵), Tō (闘), Sha (者), Kai (皆), Jin (陣), Retsu (列), Zai (在) and Zen (前). The mudras, mantras, and mandalas put into practice for ritual or meditation purposes is referred to as the Kuji-in (九字印), or "Nine Hand Seals". The Kuji-in has roots in Hinduism and is used in a wide variety of practices including Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Ninjutsu and schools of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism such as Mikkyo, Tendai and Shingon.

The kanji "tō" (闘) can mean "to fight/to battle with" or "harmony".