The Seven Stars (七つ星 in japanese) is an important Chu-Teng item that has 3 existing variants, but only one version will help retrieve your eye.


It can be obtained in various ways, but only in the Star Land.

  • Shooting the Sumo Guy (Not the official name) with a Gun of Light. (This is a fake Seven Stars and doesn't result in completion of the game)
  • Giving Tsuutan the Torikara bird. (This is needed to complete the game)
  • After achieving the Seven Stars you give them to Suinshin for it to transform into the more powerful version of the seven stars.

Description Edit

Japanese English
星の宮に伝わる宝。 闇を追い払い、

星の宮の光量を増す守護。 複雑な手 焼きでしか取り出せないよう、スイン シンが宮内に隠した。 贋物もある。

A treasure handed down at the Star Shrine.

A safeguard that increases the amount of light of the Star Shrine, driving away darkness. So that they may not be retrieved unless a complex, Suinshin hid them in the shrine interior. There also fakes.

(It's hard to read so I'm unsure about 複雑な手焼き and 贋物)|}