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Shi-chieng (Shi-chieng text.png SHI-TI-E-N), the Land of Time, is one of the five major countries on the island Tong-Nou. It is represented by the element Fire. It can be accessed by entering Tong-Nou's right cheek.


Most of Shi-chieng is the Plains of Chi-u (TI-U), a huge flat piece of land. Scattered about the Plains of Chi-u are several Candles of Time - physical representations of the lives of all creatures on Tong-Nou. The flame of a candle is lit when a creature is born, and when the flame is extinguished, the associated creature dies. However, the Candles of Time are powered by Magatamas and can only be extinguished by using the Water of Dreaming, found in the Land of Dreaming, Mon-chien. Kai is sent to accomplish this task. The lighting of these candles is called the Ritual of Time.

The Fire-Tower of Time, Tong-tah (TO-N-TA-A), stands tall in the centre of the land, and it is where the majority of the resident creatures can be found. At the top of the tower is the Computer Room, Thi-eng. The computer in this room is used to register life and to summon Ka-gyou.


  • Ka-gyou, the king of Shi-chien
  • Kai, a guard
  • Gyou, who performs the Ritual of Time
  • Ying and Yang, twins who work in the computer room, Thi-eng
  • Ga-show, a creature who can teleport from the top to the bottom, or vice versa, of Tong-tah
  • T.B.C., who lives in Tong-tah and is made up of three separate creatures
  • Ni-a-mong, the second member of the A-mong Family who appears on the second level of Tong-tah


Map of Shi-chieng.PNG