Mon-chien (Mon-chien text MO-N-TI-E-N), the Land of Dreaming, is one of the five major countries on the island Tong-Nou. It is represented by the element Water. It can be accessed by entering Tong-Nou's left cheek.

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Mon-chien is on the other side of a waterfall at the end of a tunnel in Tong-Nou's left cheek. Mon-Chien is a frozen lake with ice crystals growing in it, which act as barriers and walls.


Ping-chao, the Palace of Dreaming

At the end of Mon-chien is the Palace of Dreaming, Ping-chao (PI-N-TI-YA-O), the castle where Sui-gyou, the king of Mon-Chien lives. Ping-chao is shaped like a square, and there are various rooms where parts of Tong-Nou are being monitored and managed on the sides of the square. If the player enters a room with a creature inside three times, they will die. Some of these rooms have items in it necessary for certain characters. In the inside portion of the square lives Sui-gyou and Mong-aru.

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Map of Mon-chien