Ming-ken (Ming-ken text MI-N-KE-N), the Land of Life, is one of the five major countries on the island Tong-Nou. It is represented by the element Wood. It can be accessed by entering Tong-Nou's right ear. The king of Ming-ken is Moku-gyou.

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Ming-ken is divided into two parts: the Shamo Desert (SHI-YA-A-MO), and a large forest (SE-N-LI-N).

The Shamo Desert is a field with opal-esque ground and several branching paths. Huge, rocky walls line the sides of it. The paths lead to the forest in the north. Tabelinai lives here.

The Phantom Market, Hou-ang, is accessible from a rock with an eyeball at the side of the path.
The forest is a maze-like forest with many turns, splitting paths, and dead ends. Members of the Zoh-gaeru family stay at dead ends within the forest. They will give their names to Tou to register in the computer room Thi-eng at the top of Tong-tah in Shi-chieng. At the end of the forest is the Tree of Life, called Mingke-shu (MI-N-KE-SHI-YU), where Moku-gyou, the king of Ming-ken lives. Other countries of Tong-Nou can be accessed from here by turning away from the Tree of Life, and then turning back to it.

Mingke-shu (Tree of Life) Edit


Mingke-shu, the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life (Mingke-shu) is a tree within Ming-ken where all life within Tong-Nou is born. Moku-gyou, the King of Ming-ken, lives here, thus, Mingke-shu can be seen as the capital of Ming-ken,

The Tree of Life is located within the Forest of Life in Ming-ken. It can be found upon taking a right turn and then a left turn once entering the Forest, as a Fang-shing will reveal when clicked.

The Tree of Life needs to be accessed in order to complete some quests, such as Byou's life where the player must throw an ant (presumably Retsu) into the mouth of Moku-gyou. The Tree of Life is also a starting point for all reincarnations, after which the player will be automatically taken to the world their mission begins in. Kings can also be spoken to through the Tree of Life, but it is only necessary to interact with Moku-gyou. Retsu's life additionally takes place among the roots of the Tree of Life.

Among other creatures, Fang-shing and Tabelinai can be seen being born from the Tree of Life's branches. According to the Tong-Nou Illustrated Book's entry on Fang-shings, they are the creatures most often born from the Tree of Life. They are despised by the King of Life, Moku-gyou.

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Map of Ming-ken