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Jido and Jizo (ヂドとジゾ in Japanese) are two Chu-Teng creatures.

They are one of the four pairs of twins born in Tong-nou sent to protect Chu-teng. They can be found by typing the combination "3 2 1" into Sufiku in the Moon Palace. They are the creators of the Moon Disc (aka Moon Plate), which is found inside the Moon Palace. After their dialogue has finished, they combine into a wave of light.

Jido and Jizo outside of Sufiku.


Like the other twins, Jido and Jizo are both orbs. They are both bright green with many smaller green spheres in a ring around them. Jido has one red eye with a yellow pupil in the center of their body, while Jizo is covered in similar eyes, radiating from the center.