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Chuuin (チュウイン in Japanese), also known as Chu-yin, is a Chu-Teng creature.


Chuuin is a round green creature, with two long curved arms on either side of her. She had four red eyes; two large ones on her face, and two smaller ones on the end of either arm. She has a short fin-like appendage at the bottom. A yellow crescent moon symbol is on her forehead. There's a small black phone close to her head supported by her arm.


Chuiin as seen in-game in the Star Palace.

Chuuin is a member of the Moon Palace that has come to occupy the Star Palace. She dug the inter-dimensional hole that lead from the Moon Palace to the Star Palace; she also dug the hole from Sufiku to the outside of the Five-Story Pagoda, which can be accessed by typing "2 3 1" into Sufiku.

According to the Chu-Teng Tablet, the hole in the Star Palace also leads to Tong-Nou, which causes chaos (this could be why Yo-a-mong is inside this hole). She is related to Takochuu.