Byou (BI-YO-U) is a Tong-Nou creature. Byou is one of the possible incarnations of Rin.

Byou is born with a Wrench.

Appearance Edit

Byou is a green-brown lizardlike creature with leaves covering his midsection. He has four splayed limbs with five fingers each, similar to a lizard's. He has a short tail and a head bearing his facial features and six small green tendrils similar to hair.



Byou in Karacters

Byou's goal as a playable character is to replace the eyeball of Zuo-mong so that he can make dreams. To do this, Byou must retrieve the eyeball from under Mingke-shu, the Tree of Life and get it back to the Palace of Dreaming.

Name originEdit

From the other incarnations, it can be assumed that Byou's name is based on the second syllable of the Kuji (九字), a series of nine syllables. The second syllable, pyō, has a handakuten instead of byō which has a dakuten. Each syllable has its own symbol, mudra (hand sign), mantra (utterance/prayer) and mandala (visualization). The syllables in order are Rin (臨), Pyō (兵), Tō (闘), Sha (者), Kai (皆), Jin (陣), Retsu (列), Zai (在) and Zen (前). The mudras, mantras, and mandalas put into practice for ritual or meditation purposes is referred to as the Kuji-in (九字印), or "Nine Hand Seals". The Kuji-in has roots in Hinduism and is used in a wide variety of practices including Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism, Ninjutsu and schools of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism such as Mikkyo, Tendai and Shingon. The kanji "pyō" itself (兵) can mean "Soldier/Troops" or "Energy".